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Rage Room - Family Friendly

what is a rage room?

Here at Crystal Coast Rage Room, we have designed a room for you to unleash your anger, frustrations, and rage in a safe and controlled environment.  We provide all equipment and ensure that the safety of our guests is a number 1 priority! 

When you arrive at our facility you will begin the check in process.  This will include signing a waiver, getting on safety equipment and deciding your level of "RAGE".  We have designed rage room packages and have plenty of options for you to add on and customize your experience.    

Meet "BOB" - he is our rage councilor.  He is here for you to hit/kick/ and punch.  Just another way to get out those frustrations!



OPTION 1:   Irritable $18

Bring your own breakables (Must be approved by staff member)

10 minutes

OPTION 2:   Hissy Fit $28

1 tub of breakables (per person)

15 minutes

OPTION 3:   Disgruntled $38

1 tub of breakables, 1 medium item (per person)

20 minutes

OPTION 4:   Conniption Fit $48

1 tub of breakables, and 2 medium items (per person)

25 minutes

OPTION 5:   Irate $58

1 tub of breakables, 1 medium item, and 1 large item (per person)

30 minutes

OPTION 6:   Enraged $68

2 tubs of breakables, 1 medium item, and 1 large item (per person)

35 minutes

OPTION 7:   Furious $78

2 tubs of breakables, 2 medium items, and 1 large item (per person)

40 minutes

  • Video of your rage session $5 

This will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

  • TV Smash $25

Get the ultimate rage experience.  Add a TV to your rage session

  • Printer / Microwave Smash $15

Frustrated with work?  Take it out on the printer or microwave!​

  • Extra Tub of Breakables $25

  • Windshield $20

  • Computer/ Laptop $10

  • Chandelier Smash!  $20

  • Axe and Rage Combo!!!  Add on axe throwing for only $18 with rage session *Not vaild with Bring Your Own Session*

We also allow the purchase of additional items to bring into the rage room.  This is based on availability and may be added at time of check in.

Rage Room Packages


  • What do I need to wear? 

    • Closed toe shoes are required (sorry no crocs).  It is recommended that you wear long pants and long sleeves.  ​If you do not have shoes, pants, or long sleeves, we will provide with proper safety equipment to participate!

  • Is there an age limit?

    • We recommend ages 10+, but minors must be accompanied by a PAYING adult.​

  • Do you provide safety equipment?

    • Yes! We provide helmet, safety goggles, gloves, and coveralls.​

  • Is there a discount if I buy a rage room package and want to go axe throwing?

    • You bet!  Add on an axe throwing session for only $18.  Must be redeemed same day.  *Not valid on BYO rage session.

  • Can I play my own music?

    • Yes.  We have a Bluetooth speaker for you to plug in and jam out!​

  • Do I need to make reservations?

    • It is recommended to reserve your session in advance.  We accept walk-ins during our normal business hours, but can not guarantee availability.

  • Can I take pictures and video?

    • You may bring your phone inside the rage room and take pictures and videos; we ask that you please tag us on social media so your friends can come see us too!  Use #CrystalCoastRageRoom .   We also have video packages available for you to purchase of your session!   ​We do not allow other people inside the room to photograph or take video for safety reasons.


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